Muenchen on Pretzels, Beer, & History

After a long and… eventful… travel day (peep next week’s post for an explanation), Emma and I arrived safely in Budapest yesterday! We can’t believe how quickly the time has gone – this is already our last stop before Copenhagen! BUT we did have an amazing four days in Munich so read on for a … Continue reading Muenchen on Pretzels, Beer, & History


Czech Out Our Visit to Prague!

Three cities down, two to go. It’s crazy to believe Emma and I are already halfway through our pretravel, but we’re so excited for the next two stops! We LOVED Prague and spent a little more time here than Amsterdam, read on below for a recap😊 Day 8 Emma and I started our first full … Continue reading Czech Out Our Visit to Prague!

Wellness Wednesday – Overcoming Overwhelm

Nothing says the new school year quite like feeling scatterbrained, amirite? As I sit writing this, my mind is really only half here while the other half is scrolling through my to-do list in the back of my head: three club meetings tonight, O Chem and Microbio exams next week, Gen Bus paper due Friday, … Continue reading Wellness Wednesday – Overcoming Overwhelm

Wellness Wednesday – Making Workouts Work for You

For as long as I can remember, some form of exercise has been an integral part of my life. From intramural sports when I was younger to dancing all the way through high school, most of my activities were scheduled into my daily routine and part of some sort of group. But during the (short) … Continue reading Wellness Wednesday – Making Workouts Work for You