New blog, who dis?

Being back in Madison, WI with a fresh school year on the horizon has given me a spark of ambition and creativity I haven’t felt since I started my @goodvibesbetterfood Instagram back in May. Reuniting with friends I haven’t seen since last spring, walking among the locals down State Street, watching sunsets over Lake Mendota from the terrace, and even jogging to Picnic Point via the Lakeshore Path have all reminded me of the opportunity-filled year that is to come.

As glamorous as I would like to believe that all is, I know realistically the challenges sophomore year will bring. Challenging classes filled with homework and exams, a slowly-dwindling bank account, and the cliché school/social life balance are just a few of the tests that will come my way in the next nine months. All that said, students at UW believe firmly in a “work hard, play hard” mentality, and I’m sure there will be much of the latter this year living in a sorority house with 50 other girls.

So please, come along with me on my culinary journey through sophomore year and beyond! Of course there will be non-food related posts, but prepare to see many of my own creations as well as some of Madison’s finest 🙂

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