Say ‘cheese!’

The lovely city of Madison may be rainy and humid today, but day two of classes is over and things are finally starting to fall into a routine. I’m still working out the kinks of when to eat lunch on days with back-to-back lectures and class shopping a bit, but I already found a job at a new restaurant on campus (S/O to Salads UP) so that’s a plus, right?

Anyway, on Monday night I was already planning what I would eat for breakfast on the first day of school. What’s a better start to the year than #toasttuesday, right? After scoping out many people’s gourmet toast-topping combinations on IG, there was one thing in particular I had been dying to try: ricotta cheese. So, on Monday night at approx. 11:30 PM, I walked all the way to Fresh Madison Market to buy some and see what all the rave was about. After scanning labels and weighing the pros and cons of full-fat vs. fat-free dairy, I opted for the middle ground and went with Frigo’s part-skim. I usually opt for nonfat dairy because of its saturated fat, but I didn’t want all the added sodium that came with the “light” option.

The verdict: WOULD RECOMMEND. Ricotta is incredibly versatile due to its mild taste and spreadable consistency. On Tuesday morning, as planned the night before, I spread it on toast with green apple slices, honey, cinnamon, and nuts for breakfast (A few people asked if the ricotta was actually butter or cream cheese, but alas, ’twas not). Just two slices sustained me until a late lunch! Today I discovered it’s also great on apple slices for an afternoon snack (and I may or may not have eaten some out of the tub on its own). Because as much as I love my homeland of 10,000 lakes, I think my love for cheese might classify me as a born-again Scon.

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