Slow (Food) and Steady Wins the Race

At a huge school like Madison, there are so many student organizations and clubs that it’s not uncommon to go through all four years without even hearing of most of them. Without my wonderful friend Caroline, aka Carol, I probably would never have discovered Slow Food, and that would be a shame.

First of all, what even is Slow Food?? Slow Food USA is a national organization with a mission to “change the world through food that is good, clean and fair for all.” Each chapter around the US connects local producers with people in the community with true farm-to-table food.

Here in Madison, Slow Food UW gathers in the basement of The Crossing (1127 University Ave) twice a week to craft delicious, wholesome meals at a price that is as college budget-friendly as can be. Seriously, Carol and I only paid $8.50 total for both of us to have a hearty and healthy meal! It’s a much better deal than the $12 salads I can get at a trendy State Street restaurant. Like I said, there are two time slots during the week for Slow Food meals: Monday nights are $5 Family Dinner Night and Wednesday afternoons are the Café. I have yet to experience a Family Dinner Night, but I can speak from experience in saying that the Café food is to DIE for.

Yesterday, Carol and I opted out of our pre-paid lunch at the Gamma Phi house to check img_0017out the first Slow Food Café of the year. The theme was “Late Summer Bounty,” so it was loaded with some of the best flavors of summer just before the first day of fall. We each chowed on sweet corn on the cob, butternut squash puree, and a golden watermelon and radish salad. To finish it off, we split a plum and rhubarb-filled pastry for dessert that makes me drool a little bit each time I think about it again.


img_0018In addition to their locally-grown produce and home-cooked meals, Slow Food even has kombucha sourced from nearby breweries! I mean, what else would you expect from Wisconsin?

To any fellow Badgers who haven’t heard of or tried Slow Food yet, you’ll probably be able to find Carol and me there for lunch next week. And even though it’s usually packed in the basement of The Crossing from 11:30-2 on Wednesday afternoons, we’d always love more company so HMU if you want to join us!

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